What is Oat milk pod and capsule?

  1. Oat milk pod have been created and patented by the company Cerealthy Limited. The idea of Oat cream in pod is to provide the best experience to coffee machine users by providing plant-based milk in a single-serve capsule for coffee machine.

Is Oat plant-based milk pods healthy?

  1. When you're cooking or baking, oat milk can usually be a one on one substitute to cow milk. The Cerealthy oat pod has the same consistency with regards to protein and fat. Oat milk – This is a very healthy milk-substitute. It contains lots of vitamins, magnesium, iron, protein and fibers.

What is the healthiest coffee creamer pod?

The healthiest creamer coffee pod format is produced by the company Cerealthy Limited under the brand TheVpod (

Is plant-based milk pod vegan?

Yes, the coffee creamer pods and plant-based milk capsules manufactured by the company Cerealthy are vegan. The complete capsule and the content including the lid is made from plant materials. The Cerealthy's coffe creamer pods are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable in soil within 12 weeks.