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How are your grains and nuts fertilized?

Cerealthy products are VEGAN! And everything we do champions plant-based consumption and sustainable production, not just for the sake of people’s health but also for the future of our planet and the well-being of coming generations.

When it comes to farming, our European suppliers are fully compliant with the rules for conventional and organic farming. For conventional farming, both artificial fertilisers and manure are common practice.

All Cerealthy products meet the criteria for vegan labelling according to both The Vegan Society and Animal Rights in Europe. They are 100% vegan and contain no traces of animal products.

Everyone at Cerealthy imagines a future food system with the lowest possible environmental impact. And that demands a major shift from an animal based agricultural system to a much more sustainable plant-based one.

We think our vegan products made from non-GMO nuts and grains is a part of that change. Hope you enjoy them. And thanks for listening.

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