Milk is your market! Monetize your dairy cooperative's industrial infrastructure by simply producing vegetable milks made from cereals and nuts.

When milk consumption declines or market prices plummet, use your know-how and industrial tools to produce plant milks.

The company Cerealthy allows dairy industries to optimize their revenues by easily producing plant milks based on 100% natural powder.
Diversify and expand your product catalog by taking advantage of the consumer craze for plant milks. Today in our supermarkets, more than 15% of the shelves are occupied by plant milks (milk from almond, oat, spelt, hazelnut, etc.).

A profitable and growing market:

The volume of sales of plant milks represents double-digit growth. French, Belgian and Swiss consumers are turning to this alternative to the detriment of milk of animal origin. For example: Only 8.5 grams of Cerealthy Oat Milk Powder are required for the production of one liter of Organic Oat Milk.

Our instant powders for the creation of plant milks have a lifespan of 12 months, which allows you to adapt your production according to the market.

Put the odds in your favor for the maintenance and control of the animal and plant dairy industry in your area.

Order a sample of our vegetable milk powders for your laboratory tests without further delay.

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